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As an associate of World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada (WFG) you have the opportunity to open the door on an exciting future. Through the WFG opportunity, you can build your own business, be your own boss and realize your own dreams. And while setting and reaching your own goals, you can help others reach theirs by educating them on the financial fundamentals that can lead them there. Read more...

About World Financial Group - Steven Milanovic

Steven Milanovic - WFG

Steven Milanovic has over 20 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.  His ability to help clients learn about money and to assist them in creating pathways to help them achieve their goals has helped him to become a proven leader in the industry.

Mr. Milanovic has also proven to be a true leader by helping individuals all across Canada to become business owners.  His vision has helped to open offices all across the country.

Licensed to sell mutual funds since 1989. Licensed to sell life insurance since 1988.


My Story


World Financial Group's Steven Milanovic is no stranger to financial setbacks.

Little money, and the struggle to find work in the construction industry marked the early years for Milanovic. But when he discovered the financial services industry while he was unemployed, he began helping families build financial futures, and that's when his own family's fortunes turned around.

Little more than 20 years later, Milanovic finds himself as one of the top leaders of World Financial Group, a financial services marketing organization with independent associates throughout the United States and Canada, with an eye on other international markets. He is more than willing to share his experience and strategies for building a successful business, as well as his passion for helping families become financially independent and realize their dreams.


Milanovic spent many of his early years on a modest farm in Serbia, with the same dreams as any young boy. When time came to go to University, there was no money available for it. "Get a trade, save money, and pay for University education yourself" his father told him. He became a heavy duty mechanic, then a boilermaker, but couldn't save money for University. In 1974 he decided to follow the steps of his Great Grandfather George, and emigrated to Canada some 62 years later. Working as a boilermaker was good but not great. That was not his idea of a North American dream. In 1988 a co-worker invited him to a career and a financial seminar, and that started to change his life.

Ten years later the real change came along when World Financial Group expended it's operations into Canada. Recognizing a great opportunity with WFG, Milanovic left $120,000/yr income and joined in. "That was the best business decision in my life" he said. "I bought my life back". 

With his wife Aleksandra, they have been sponsoring less fortunate children in different countries around the world. "It gives us a great pleasure" they say with a passion.


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